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Supermom: Wise Sage
Supermom: Wise Sage
Supermom: Wise Sage
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Supermom: Wise Sage

Available from 11 - 13 May 2018

This is for the mum who's superpower is her know-it-all-ness.

She not only mind reads, she also has superior hearing and X-ray eyes. It's no wonder she knows when to go hard or easy on her child. Just one X-ray glance, and she knows how her child is feeling. She can detect lies, and she knows when they are up to no good. 

She is, without a doubt, grounded in her principles and virtues. She will do everything in her super power to steer her child away from evil forces through her wise words. Whether it is relationships or career, she knows best, and she has your best intentions at heart.

Wrapped bouquet measures 14" in diameter. This bouquet is only available from 11 - 13 May. Delivery is available at an additional $15.




Gift cards made with love. As part of an ongoing project with Rainbow Centre (RC) to equip their students with floristry skills, we have engaged their help to create a special gift card that goes along with your arrangement.

We hope your supermom will enjoy this special token crafted with much love.

Oh and don't forget that every Fleurapy arrangement is unique, and the flowers we use may vary. But rest assured, the wisdom of the Wise Sage will certainly ooze through.


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