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I'm every woman
I'm every woman
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I'm every woman

She is authority.

She is no goldilocks girl, too hot, too cold, too soft, too harsh, too sweet. She is vibrant, sharp. Her strength and femininity stand alongside, and not in opposition with each other. She is the purposeful strike of pastel-coloured heeled pumps on concrete, a vision of unapologetic pink. She is Woman, honey and stinger, rose and thorn (though ours are dethorned, we promise). She has no regrets.

For a lover of bright colours and jewel tones. Fragrant and decadent, the embodiment of a femininity that is not diminutive. Featuring sweet smelling asiatic & Peruvian lilies and roses, textured with the spiny but ethereal pink smoke asparagus.


Wrapped bouquet measures 14" in diameterDelivery is available at an additional $15.



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