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Christmas Wreath
Christmas Wreath
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Christmas Wreath

This product will only be available from 5 - 23 December.
Nothing warms our heart more than a Christmas wreath made with much TLC. You can hang it over an imaginary fireplace, on your door to usher some festive spirit, or place it flat on a surface to jazz up those scented pillar candles. Perfect as a heartfelt gift for a loved one!
Choose from one of our designs to suit how you're feeling, and leave comments on how you would like to customise your wreath to make it special. If not, simply leave it up to the Fleurapist to create something festive for you!
The photos depict the Large wreath. It's made using a fir base for that extra Christmassy scent!
The large wreath measures 45 - 50cm in diameter and it's created using a fir base.
The standard wreath measures 35 - 40cm in diameter and it's created using a twig base.