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moon river
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moon river

She is spring in the mountains, if Spring were a woman. Cool, gentle and grounded, she knows she’s worked her way through countless winters to always come back, through the slush and the mud, flower-filled, different every time, yet always beautiful. She knows who she is, and she lets everything else be what it is. She has a quiet and gentle confidence - without pretence, without false complications; just a straightforward, mellow soul, unfaltering as the turning of the seasons.

A nostalgic, elegant bouquet, featuring a soothing, pale palette of delicate blue delphiniums and lush chrysanthemum poms. A piece that is perfect to adorn a space without overwhelming it.


Photographed here is our medium wrapped bouquet which measures 14" in diameterOur standard bouquet measures at 12" in diameter; whereas large measures 16" in diameter.

Delivery is available at an additional $15.


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