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VDAY - The 12PM Long Black
VDAY - The 12PM Long Black
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VDAY - The 12PM Long Black

Available only from 12-14 Feb

12PM: With the chaos of the day brewing, it's time for a cup of Long Black to bring on your A-game. Strong but smooth and easy, she's a woman on a mission. She is elegant and sharp, the picture of a real boss. She takes on her many roles in the day with grace and poise. You can’t help but wonder how she makes everything she does look so effortless.

We've specially selected Quicksand roses for its unique femininity and combined them with strong punches of African natives. This one really floats like a feather but stings like a bee.


Please note that if you opt for delivery, there will be an additional fee of $15. You are also welcome to self-collect from our studio.

Oh and don't forget that every Fleurapy arrangement is bespoke and unique, slight variations from what you see here is to be expected.


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