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VDAY - The 4PM Flat White
VDAY - The 4PM Flat White
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VDAY - The 4PM Flat White

Available from 12-14 Feb

4PM: Time for a small booster to get you through the weary day, and there's nothing better than a flat white that is familiar and caffeinated. Fiercely independent and carefree, she's sociable and authentic, with friends from all walks of life. She offers you a listening ear without judgment, she empathizes with you and then firmly pushes you along to the day’s finishing line. She’s your counsel and your stronghold.

We've selected a mixture of cotton flower, pampas and banksia and combined it with ranunculus and alstroemeria. This one's really much more than meets the eye!


Please note that if you opt for delivery, there will be an additional fee of $15. You are also welcome to self-collect from our studio.

Oh and don't forget that every Fleurapy arrangement is bespoke and unique, slight variations from what you see here is to be expected.


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